Travel Report – Sao Paulo, Brazil [Bombing]


After traveling around South America for 3 months, I finally reached Sao Paulo and I was instantly amazed. Not only is the city full of Pixaçao, street art, murals and graffiti, it’s also bombed with world class hands. I found tags by writers from all over the world and it was great to finally see all those “Paulista” hands I’ve been hearing so much about live.

For me, tags are the most beautiful and interesting part of graffiti, so I was in heaven! I found some new favorites and I fell in love with the Sao Paulo bombed doors, so fucking stunning! This city is one that truly never sleeps, it’s cosmopolitan in a way that can only be compared to New York City and the people are one of the friendliest I’ve ever met. There’s always something going on, graffiti events, art show openings or just the traditional Sunday painting walls the whole day and drinking beer thing. Sao Paulo is where you need to visit if you’re into any sort of public space take over, incredibly inspiring and hospitable. I can’t recommend you enough to travel here, you won’t regret it and you’ll never want to leave!

Steph is a traveling urban photographer that’s documenting the worlds largest art collection, one street at the time.
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