RUNNERS 05 – Gomer

As a graffiti train writer you are always happy if you don’t have to run away from your unfinished piece. If your able to catch your piece running the day after so you can get your traffic photos during rush hour you’re even more happy. Our video series called RUNNERS is focused on graffiti on trains and for each episode we will feature actions and traffic videos from a selected writer or team of writers. In this fifth episode in the RUNNERS series we feature graffiti writer Gomer, check it out for a couple of nice actions. 

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Great interview with Paris graffiti writer and artist Mosa87 from the PAL Crew. It’s in French but you can change the subtitles in the right corner of the video to your language, enjoy!


Ewok MSK – Ironlak Studio

American artist Ewok (MSK, HM, Ironlak Family) creates a vibrant illustration at the Ironlak Studio in Brisbane, Australia. Ironlak Pump Action Paint Markers were used to create all the outlines and finer details – with Sugar Artists’ Acrylic spray paint putting down the background fades and base layers through a series of hand cut paper stencils. An interesting insight into EWOK’s process in the studio and techniques he uses to create unique yet iterative works on paper.


Snow21 – Circle

Watch Snow21 write his name in many variations in the city.


Really fresh video done by graffPHL featuring Shoba & Wacko, check it out!

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