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(Graffiti Short Film) Carta a Caracas “Los Hijos del Desastre” [Official Movie]

This short Graffiti documentary exposes the reality of a group of Venezuelan friends who have grown up in the chaos of their hometown “Caracas”, traveling their streets from an early age they know and understand the city in another way, they have a special vision and a particular relationship with her, almost romantic; This letter is the voice of a few, but it reflects the feelings of many young people from Caraqueños who have somehow lost their space in this violent city.

The art helped them cross borders and get recognition but with melancholy they remain faithful to return and remember that Caracas that saw them being born, they call themselves “The Sons of Disaster”.

The short film was recorded between 2016 and 2108, during two visits to the city. Recordings made by the artist in 2003, 2006, 2007, 2008 to the present were used. Filming was done in different locations such as Catia, San Agustin, Chacao, Petare, Altamira, Los Ruices, Plaza Venezuela, Francisco Fajardo Highway and the Guaire River among others.

Caribes Episodio 3 – Chile

After a series of trips through Europe and North America, we decided to return to our continent, with our people, our language, our culture. We return to one of our favorite cities, Santiago de Chile. Favorite for its identity, unique flavor, in addition to the great style and aggressiveness that characterizes its graffiti scene. If all this, you add the fact that they have one of the most difficult metro systems in the world today, as a result you will have one of the most important scenes in Latin America and the world.