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Sofles – Compendium

In the year 2000, a young Sofles started painting graffiti in his hometown of Brisbane, Australia. Through putting in hours upon hours of work, on walls, trains, and his blackbook inside the garige (garage), he quickly rose to global prominence as a graffiti writer, illustrator, and muralist. Being versatile in his style and approach, and one of the fastest painters I’ve ever seen, has helped with producing a huge volume of work.

Old Bones – The Original Ironlak Team

In late 2006, Ironlak spray paint had been on store shelves for about two years, and was starting to gain momentum. As a brand built by writers, we were always working with our peers to improve what we were doing, and make the product better for everyone painting with it. Supporting writers is embedded in our DNA, so at that time we decided to put together an official team to rep the brand – just like a sponsored skateboard team. We called upon our five favourite Australian graffiti artists and the ‘Ironlak Team’ was formed.

Sofles, Tues, Sirum, Linz, and Reals got down – long-lasting friendships were forged, and walls around Australia were made brighter. As the team evolved into the Ironlak Family, and the years clocked on, there has always been a sense of nostalgia associated with those early days of Lak. Memories of good times spent, that could probably fill many pages of a book some day. In the spirit of those good ol’ days, the original five dusted off those old bones, and caught up on Australia’s Gold Coast to reminisce and rock a quick wall together. No frills, just quick and funky graffiti letters.

Wednesday Walls – 001


This is our new photo series called Wednesday Walls! We will post a pile of walls every wednesday sent in by our contributors world wide.
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