Hello My Name Is: Reux


Name: Reux
Crew: AY
City/Country: Trieste

When did you start writing: I started painting at age fourteen and then I stopped for a period of drug and girls move my interest in other things. Are now four years that I paint almost every day.
What’s graffiti for you: Graffiti for me is a way of life are part of my day when I wake up to when I go to sleep.
Influences: I do not think you have particular influences certainly attracts a lot of my attention the street.
Quantity vs quality: sure quality and quantity are traveling on the same track. make two pieces of quality and making three hundred of shit is the same.
What keeps you still writing: sometimes I ask myself the question the other way … I wonder if one day I stop, it’s probably something that comes from the passion it certainly does its part.
Future plans: A plan for the future and going to new york.

Instagram: @reuxter

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