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Hello My Name Is: Reux


Name: Reux
Crew: AY
City/Country: Trieste

When did you start writing: I started painting at age fourteen and then I stopped for a period of drug and girls move my interest in other things. Are now four years that I paint almost every day.
What’s graffiti for you: Graffiti for me is a way of life are part of my day when I wake up to when I go to sleep.
Influences: I do not think you have particular influences certainly attracts a lot of my attention the street.
Quantity vs quality: sure quality and quantity are traveling on the same track. make two pieces of quality and making three hundred of shit is the same.
What keeps you still writing: sometimes I ask myself the question the other way … I wonder if one day I stop, it’s probably something that comes from the passion it certainly does its part.
Future plans: A plan for the future and going to new york.

Instagram: @reuxter

Talking graffiti with OKOK

OKOK_TagsAndThrows_PortraitTell me a bit about your background. You have amassed quite a following with your Instagram account TagsAndThrows. What made you set out to create it?
I’m a 35-year-old life-loving artist and entrepreneur from Stockholm, Sweden. In November 2013, after independently working as a manager for music artists for eight years, I decided to fully focus on my own career. This includes me as the artist OKOK and my TagsAndThrows project.
TagsAndThrows is basically my love for the backbone of graffiti writing—tags and throw-ups—in a visual form. I’ve got an Instagram feed with 63,000 followers and more than one million views on YouTube of my short documentaries about graffiti bombers Alone, HNR, Guns, Ozone, Vanity, Bravo, and Lush. I created the feed because I believe that tags are [part of] one of the most interesting subcultures ever and I want to document this part of graffiti more beautifully than anyone else. I hope to give the people already down with bombing the best fix they can get, while at the same time educating people outside the culture. Read the rest of the interview here: www.style.com