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Little Rats is a short film following ‘XXXX’ a South American graffiti writer, during his time traveling in Europe. ‘XXXX’ ruminates on the risks and rewards of his chosen lifestyle as we follow him underground on a tense mission to paint a metro. Two weeks after making this film ‘XXXX’ was arrested and deported… The only free cheese is in a mousetrap.

A Summer Chasing The Class 32

Getting to know the local graffiti scene of a country can many times be a huge task, and even if we focus on a specific city it might not make it any easier. Todays focus will be on the largest city in Bulgaria, the capital Sofia.
This video shows the Class 32 train model in particular, and how much fun it can be to follow it around the country in summertime. To enjoy the small things in life together with good friends is always the best way to spend our time. This includes an amazing train model and in the end, what more can you ask for?