Hello My Name Is: Egs [WMD, CDC, TPG, FMK]


Name: Egs
Crew: CDC, WMD, TPG, MSN, Worldoms, FMK, PR, IS, KGS, Totals
City/Country: Helsinki, Finland.

When did you start writing: around 86/87
What’s graffiti for you: It is a great way to be creative, travel and socialize.
Influences: So many people. Every day someone new picks up a can for the first time and will one day impress you. That is a great thing about graffiti.
Quantity vs quality:  I don’t care! Some people made their mark with a couple of amazing pieces and some with zillions of tags. For me they are both impressive.
Future plans: A book coming out this month from Spray Daily Publishing. Travel and paint in new cities and countries. Showing my work this year in Helsinki, Stockholm, Basel, Tirana, Amsterdam…

Instagram: @oldhelsinki

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