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Wednesday Walls – 002


This is our new photo series called Wednesday Walls! We will post a pile of walls every wednesday sent in by our contributors world wide.
Contribute to the next wednesday walls post by sending a email to:Info@spraydaily.com

Contributors: @Daseboogie @Poligrafitus @Vers718 @Astrocapcph @Extase_wkm

Egs, Aeon & Nug – RZO

Egs, Aeon & Nug exhibition with installation, print release and limited edition book at Fluorescent Smogg Gallery in Barcelona. Opens on September 12, 2015. 6-10. In the video you can see some footage from our video we did with Egs last year, check out the whole video over here: EGS – 3 LETTERS

RELEASE: May 24 – 3 LETTERS a 160 pages book about EGS

We are proud to announce the release of 3 LETTERS, a 160 pages book about the Finnish graffiti artist EGS. 

Official release May 24 at Make Your Mark gallery, Helsinki.
The book will be available online the same date and we will have a second release and art show in Stockholm May 30 at Ljunggren Bar.

For the last 25 years he has been writing his 3 letters on walls and trains all over the world. With a passion for traveling EGS has spread his name in over 40 countries the last decades and that also made him the most internationally recognised Finnish graffiti artist.
Starting his graffiti career in Helsinki during the late 1980s he was a part of the first Finnish graffiti wave. Always looking for new places to explore EGS is still traveling to explore the world and leave his mark in new places.
During the last years you also have been able to see his works in museums and galleries around the world.

The book 3 LETTERS is a documentation of works by Finnish graffiti artist EGS from 1993-2014 and contains pieces on walls, trains combined with sketches and his unique styled ink drawings.
The book is available exclusively through www.spraydaily.com and his agent Make Your Mark gallery in Helsinki.
Foreword by Paavo Arhinmäki, The Minister of Culture and Sport, Finland 2011-2014. Printed in a first edition of 450 copies. A limited edition of three books, signed and numbered by the artist will also be available. The limited edition features a silver cover, original artworks inside and comes in a hand made box.

Hello My Name Is: Egs [WMD, CDC, TPG, FMK]


Name: Egs
Crew: CDC, WMD, TPG, MSN, Worldoms, FMK, PR, IS, KGS, Totals
City/Country: Helsinki, Finland.

When did you start writing: around 86/87
What’s graffiti for you: It is a great way to be creative, travel and socialize.
Influences: So many people. Every day someone new picks up a can for the first time and will one day impress you. That is a great thing about graffiti.
Quantity vs quality:  I don’t care! Some people made their mark with a couple of amazing pieces and some with zillions of tags. For me they are both impressive.
Future plans: A book coming out this month from Spray Daily Publishing. Travel and paint in new cities and countries. Showing my work this year in Helsinki, Stockholm, Basel, Tirana, Amsterdam…

Instagram: @oldhelsinki