Book Trailer – Analog VS Digital

Peter Stelzig has documented the Berlin graffiti scene since 1998, and since 2002 with a focus on painted trains. With his book project “Analog vs. Digital – trainwriting Artphotography, Berlin 2002-2016 “is not only its own development are presented as a photographer, but also a glimpse into the tension of analogue and digital photography techniques are granted. It focuses on the pictorial representation of differences and the possibility range of mainly analogue photography. Texts to explain, support and critical reflection of media developments are an integral part of the work. Reference is made not only on the small 1 × 1 photography and equipment, but also special techniques such as Double exposure or Lomography displayed and explained. In addition, special films are put under the microscope, including slide (cross-process), black and white, infrared and special effect films. Sounds like a photography guide, but also a high-quality, slightly different photo book of the events on the Berlin underground and S-Bahn trains over 14 years has been documented. One of Bewegründe this book is to give this special touch that Photography is probably the most important medium in the graffiti or trainwriting scene. Instead of the blind use of auto-program should be stimulated to think outside the box in order to increase the diversity and quality of the photos in all sorts of media and guide the Writer and spotters to deal more with the subject of photography.

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