Hello My Name Is: Crome

Name: Crome
Crew: RT
City/Country: London, england
When did you start writing? 1996

What’s graffiti for you?
Bit of fun and trying to challenge myself.


Tell us about your city, how is life and graffiti there?
London UK is ok for graffiti but there’s cameras on every corner so it’s tricky. Most London graffiti is pretty shitty but there’s still some good graffiti about…. just not anywhere near as much as when I was young.

What keeps you still writing?
I still write because I want to be creative and escape from my normal life. I really enjoy planning pieces and places to paint. I love having a photo of a piece rather than a shitty come down and an STD.

What first made you interested in graffiti and how did you end up on that track?
I got interested in graffiti growing up in London in the 90’s when graffiti was everywhere here. The scene wasn’t particularly friendly but it was alive across the city. The unfriendliness was part of the attraction I think.

What trends are you seeing now in the graffiti world that you don’t like?
There are no particular current trends that I don’t like in graffiti. What I do like is seeing original ideas. I hate seeing a piece and thinking ‘that’s wicked’… and then realising that they’ve bitten a Rime MSK ‘r’ or they’ve stolen some technique of a famous writer. That stuffs too easy.

What do you do when you’re not painting?
I run a pornography publishers and race helicopters.

How would you describe your style?
Letters and colours. I actually don’t like my own graffiti. I constantly feel like I need huge improvement. Every time I think I’ve gotten better I see someone else’s work and think ‘shit, Im rubbish at this.’

Can you remember the first piece you did?
The first piece I ever did was with a paintbrush on a trackside. I wasn’t expecting the level of application required and I didn’t finish it. It was awful. Fuelled me to want to be better though.

Future plans?

Do you adapt your pieces and tags to the spot/surface?
I do adopt my pieces depending on the surface, yes. Raw concrete, for example, usually requires bright popping fill colours, in my opinion.

What do you think about the new generation of writers in your city?
The new generation of writers in my city are not particularly memorable for me, sorry. Couple of good writers i’ve noticed but to be fair I don’t go on the tube much anymore so I don’t see the track sides…

What are the best and worst aspects of graffiti?
Best thing: fun
Worst thing: egos

Who do you paint for?
I paint for Montana. They just don’t know it.

What writers have inspired you?
I don’t really want to name writers who inspired me. I’ve done that in the past about famous London writers and then I’ve met them and they’ve turned out to be complete wankers. Towns and Vibes taught me how to use spray paint so thanks to them. Nowadays I’m inspired by the best writers in the graffiti world and I hope one day I might be able to be good like them although I probably won’t.

Can you ever feel tired of graffiti?
Haven’t got tired of graff yet. Not until I’ve painted at least one piece I actually like.

What do you hope people will think and feel when they see your stuff?
Hopefully they don’t think i’m a complete donut but i’m not really bothered

Spray Paint: Golds, 94s
City: London
Surface: Raw concrete
Cap: The old 94 stock caps

Instagram: @Mrcrome1

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