Hello My Name Is: Oger


Name: Oger
Crew: AY, CK, IU
City/Country: Nowhere in Italy

When did you start writing: I started to write my name in the early 2000.

What’s graffiti for you: Graffiti is for me a salvation..graffiti have changed a completely saved my life.

Influences: Old italian KINGS from the ’90,american style, trash horror films, satanism, esoterism ,tattoos, good music and for last but for first mine friends and my crew.

Quantity vs quality: Both.If you don’t have both you are a pussy or a toy for me.Simple rule from the graffiti’s game.But sometimes toys are better person than “KINGS”.I paint everyday..for the quality i don’t know..ask to the people.

What keeps you still writing: love,hate,competition and the sensation of freedom.

Future plans: Search and Destroy.

Instagram: @Mr_oger
Tumblr: oger17.tumblr.com

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