Hello My Name Is: Lushsux

HMNI_Insta-PUFF_LUSH-01Name: Lushsux
Crew: Crews are gay
City/Country: Melbourne, Australia

When did you start writing: 1984 I used to breakdance first for the Wok steady crew, not the rock steady crew but an all asian bboy crew straight off the boat from the nang. I was the only white member and could rock a pretty fresh frosty ass freeze in the heat of battle.
What’s graffiti for you: Being a cunt and spraying awful garbage all over other peoples property, fuck em.
Influences: Ice T, Proscriptor Mcgovern from Absu, Espo, Cost and Revs and Doug Stanhope.
Quantity vs quality: Both, it dont matter just put in work you jellous lazy turds.
What keeps you still writing: The sense of immense self satisfaction, its better then jerking off man.
What do you think of Jlo’s ass: Shes old as fuck but i’d let her sit on my face.

Future plans: Find a cure for aids.

Website: www.lushsux.com
Tumblr: Lushsux.tumblr.com
Twitter: Twitter.com/lushsux
Facebook: Facebook.com/lushsux
Youtube: Lushsux

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