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TagsAndThrows – #Ilovebombing

TagsAndThrows Vol.001
While working on the book TagsAndThrows vol. 001 we decided to make a short documentary about Thomas Karl-Johan Gunnarsson aka OKOK, the man behind TagsAndThrows. We joined him for a walk around Stockholm and talked about bombing, Instagram, internet fame and navigating through cities with the help of vandalism.

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TagsAndThrows Vol.001

In this volume, the first-ever book by TagsAndThrows, we have collected a selection of personal photos by Thomas Karl-Johan Gunnarsson a.k.a. OKOK, the man behind TagsAndThrows. The best hand styles from New York, São Paulo, Stockholm and Copenhagen, documented in black and white, showing not only the styles, but also the atmosphere and street life of those cities. The book spans over 136 pages and features a lot of well-known signatures like False, Klops, Ja, Guns, Katsu, Pear, Tomcat, Easer, Os Gemeos, Sliks, Alone and many more.

About TagsAndThrows
It all started during a trip to New York a few years ago. In the beginning TagsAndThrows was just a an easy way to share nice photos of OKOKs pictures of tags for friends via Instagram, but after two years the feed has grown into a full concept with almost 83.000 followers on Instagram, 5 short documentaries on Youtube, fanzines and now a book. The concept is easy, like the art form itself – the most beautiful tags in the world, documented in the most beautiful way possible. The monochrome images captures the simplicity and rawness of street bombin and has become the trademark for TagsAndThrows.


Vantage Point 020 – Interview with Lush

Take everything you know about graffiti and street art and throw that right out the window.
This guys approach is unlike anything you’ve seen before.  At first glance it appears that he absolutely does not give a fuck about anything or anyone and could not care less what you think about him or his work.  But the more you talk to him and the more you look at what he’s been up to the last few years, the more it becomes clear that LUSH may in fact be one of the most thoughtful and hardest working artists out there today.
Love him or hate him (and there are plenty of people on either side of that coin) Lush is making big noise world wide with his unique view on contemporary art.  From his seemingly juvenile drawings and model-train dioramas, to his wildly simple yet intelligent graffiti and conceptual videos, Lush pushes the boundaries of street art, always looking just past the limits of what everyone else is doing.  Sometimes provocative and violent, sometimes vulgar and overtly sexual, but always smart.
He is one of the most polarising figures in the game today and nowhere will you get a better understanding of him and his work than right here… straight from his mouth, in his own words… we give you… Lush

Listen to the radio show here

Hello My Name Is: Lushsux


Name: Lushsux
Crew: Crews are gay
City/Country: Melbourne, Australia

When did you start writing: 1984 I used to breakdance first for the Wok steady crew, not the rock steady crew but an all asian bboy crew straight off the boat from the nang. I was the only white member and could rock a pretty fresh frosty ass freeze in the heat of battle.

What’s graffiti for you: Being a cunt and spraying awful garbage all over other peoples property, fuck em.

Influences: Ice T, Proscriptor Mcgovern from Absu, Espo, Cost and Revs and Doug Stanhope.

Quantity vs quality: Both, it dont matter just put in work you jellous lazy turds.

What keeps you still writing: The sense of immense self satisfaction, its better then jerking off man.

What do you think of Jlo’s ass: Shes old as fuck but i’d let her sit on my face.

Future plans: Find a cure for aids.

Website: www.lushsux.com
Tumblr: Lushsux.tumblr.com
Twitter: Twitter.com/lushsux
Youtube: Lushsux

Talking graffiti with OKOK

OKOK_TagsAndThrows_PortraitTell me a bit about your background. You have amassed quite a following with your Instagram account TagsAndThrows. What made you set out to create it?
I’m a 35-year-old life-loving artist and entrepreneur from Stockholm, Sweden. In November 2013, after independently working as a manager for music artists for eight years, I decided to fully focus on my own career. This includes me as the artist OKOK and my TagsAndThrows project.
TagsAndThrows is basically my love for the backbone of graffiti writing—tags and throw-ups—in a visual form. I’ve got an Instagram feed with 63,000 followers and more than one million views on YouTube of my short documentaries about graffiti bombers Alone, HNR, Guns, Ozone, Vanity, Bravo, and Lush. I created the feed because I believe that tags are [part of] one of the most interesting subcultures ever and I want to document this part of graffiti more beautifully than anyone else. I hope to give the people already down with bombing the best fix they can get, while at the same time educating people outside the culture. Read the rest of the interview here: www.style.com