Vantage Point 019 – 1UP Crew

It’s 3:00pm on a tuesday afternoon at a crowded train station in Berlin. A young lady tucks her newspaper under her arm as her train pulls into the station to take her home. From the corner of her eye she sees something move in the bushes just past the end of the train platform. She gasps. It’s a dude with a ski mask over his face carrying a bag and jumping up onto the platform. He’s followed by 9 others all dressed in similar gear. As the train comes to a complete stop, all 10 drop their bags, pull out two massive spray paint cans (one for each hand), and proceed to get busy. The group moves without words but with an ironic speed, precision, and order not entirely unlike that of the german transit authority. In moments the entire train car is covered with paint. A cloud of dust hangs in the air as the commuters stand stunned and frozen, not getting on or off of the train. In a flash, the group gathers up their shit and bolts back down the platform, into the bushes, and are gone forever. As the dust cloud settles the young lady turns back to look at the train. Where she just moments ago saw the doors and windows of a train car, she now sees her own reflection looking back at her from within three massive chrome letters… 1UP
Listen to the whole radio interview with 1UP Crew here:

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