Utah & Ether – RIDE (2013)

This is an exclusive snippet from a video installation documenting the artistic process for the series entitled Ride (2013). This series is comprised of works that focus on the interaction between graffiti on the metro and those who ride the metro. The works in this series were created by temporarily applying several metal shapes to the windows of a metro carriage. The entire metro carriage was spray painted, after which the metal was removed and taken back to the artists’ studio to be attached to a large metal canvas. This process was repeated several times. The trains were left to commence their daily routine of picking up and dropping off passengers, with only the gaps in graffiti (left behind by the removal of the metal) to serve as windows. To the people inside the metro carriage, the outside world and those in it are outlined by the graffiti. Conversely, to any bystander on the platform it appears as if the graffiti is framing those inside the train. It is impossible to look at the spray painted metro carriage from either side of the window without seeing both the paint and the people whom it is surrounding. Consequently, everyone who witnesses the graffiti becomes a part of it’s aesthetics to whoever else is also viewing it.

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