This is not graffiti – A jonone portrait & a right jab!

THIS IS NOT GRAFFITI depicts JONONE’s physical relationship with painting and intense personality. His love for boxing results from an unconditional need for self-expression and places some interesting light on the development of a movement which has made its way to the art auctions halls. Those who made this long and difficult path were the genuine artists. THIS IS NOT GRAFFITI is an introspective look back at JONONE’s 30 years career which places the present days not as an end, bu as a beginning!

JONONE is an iconic and extremely prolific artist born in New york city and living in Paris (France) for more than 20 years, he received the french egion of Honour on the 21st of JAnuary 2015, and a painting which he specifically produced is being exhibited in the national assembly’s public part.

Directed & filmed by Alexis DEFORGES
Edited by Antoine DUFOUR
Produced by BAISEMAIN
Music by DAEDELUS (California) – VANDETTA (Falling)
from Dropping Gems

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