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Blaues Licht

Contextualizing this movie does not seem too easy – there is a thin line between providing information and spoilering. A full length feature film that plays with Graffiti stereotypes, urban interventions and metafiction. Expect to behold break and enter, while simultaneously breaking the fourth wall. German language, but with english subtitles. Must see!

Unlock Book Fair – Modena

In case you are in the northern region of Italy this weekend, consider visiting Modena for the Unlock Book Fair! A true feast of Graffiti books and zines! Check out their website for further information – some adjustments to the original agenda have been made, to keep everyone involved safe and sound. Initially the concept involved a more global outlook. Now, the fair concentrates on the italian publishing scene. Lots of promising projects will be launched and presented during the event. We strongly suggest to check out their content! On the bright side, most of the talks and presentations wil be made available digitally.

Has anyone seen Såg 45?

Has anyone seen Såg 45? Trailer for exhibition in Stockholm, Sweden.

Saturday 28.03.20, 5 pm – 9 pm, Slathusområdet.

I sit in the back seat of the Såg’s old Volvo. This is the first time I’ve really met him. Before that, we have only greeted quickly a few times. It’s fun for me because I’ve been curious about the new generation of graffiti painters from Umeå. I saw traces of him as I cycled around Västerslätt, Umeå’s most beautiful industrial area. It struck me that it is an odd name he chose.

We are now on our way out to look for a surveillance camera at a train stand. Sågen is convinced that it sits on a specific pole in the corner of one of the train halls. It should apparently be small, black and it should flash a red light. We squeeze through bushes and snows, wherever we go there is no reason to be if you are not interested in painting the subway. Sågen moves accustomed and keeps away branches that run the risk of whipping me in the face. When we have arrived he points out the pole where the camera would have been located but notes that the camera is not there any more.

“But”, I say, “there are two other cameras sitting in the same direction.”

“So they”, he says, “no, they don’t work”.

“How do you know that?” I ask.

“We have passed them a lot of times and nothing ever happens.” Såg responds as if it were the most obvious thing in the whole world.

I stand there thinking how fun the graffiti culture is, how to interpret, speculate, guess and try to understand things you have no idea just to give yourself the feeling of control.

– Akay 2020