Tags And Throws – Bombing With Uzi

This is your 6th movie about a graffiti bomber – why did you pick Uzi?
I wanted to do another movie in my hometown of Stockholm. I felt that it was time to really show the world what’s going on here and Uzi was the perfect pick. He’s a legend on the scene, here in Sweden and the rest of Europe, and he’s very active at the moment. I wanted to show my followers a real bomber, someone out there a couple of times every week getting his name up.

There’s been almost half a year between every TagsAndThrows movie release – will that be the case now too?
Nah this time around, I’m loading up for a spring filled with new movies. I’m working on a movie with Ligisd, a movie with Sicoer and I’m finally editing the material I filmed in São Paulo. It’s been taking me way too long to get this done and I want to apologise to all my followers for that. The thing is that I got too much material from that trip and it’s been hard for me to grasp and realise what I should actually do with it. I do now understand that I need to make not one movie from São Paulo, but instead some kind of series.

So, TagsAndThrows.com is also up – what can we expect from the site?
First of all, there will be a lot more of my own pictures posted. The Instagram feed is, as it is now, filled with pictures that are sent to me. On the site, there will be more pictures from my travels around the world. There will be posts focusing on one city at a time and one bomber at a time. There will also be a filtering function that the visitors can use to get to see only what they are really interested in. Let’s say you do only want to see trucks painted in New York – you can filter all pictures on the site to only see these. There will also be a webshop with bombing related merchandise, books and fanzines and later hopefully cans and markers.

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