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Swedish graffiti crew.


Our friends at updated their online shop with some new fresh prints. There is lots of screen prints available online but mostly street art stuff so we are happy to see some top graffiti names online now as well. Check out prints by Kaos [VIMOA], Uzi [WUFC], Tomcat19 [9 LIVES], Rens [TAV], Nug [VIMOA], Aman [VIMOA], SABE [FYS], Dmote, Mode2, Egs and more!

We also find some nice photos by CphCph. They are shipping worldwide so what are you waiting for!



Over Society Int’l

New 12 minute video showing graffiti writer Polka traveling through Europe painting on everything.


Ligisd X Loop Colors

Graffiti writer Ligisd from Sweden testing out the new Loop Colors, check it out!



This exclusive video comes sent from Sweden and features Uzi, WUFC, Trizz and another member of the BZT Crew, here seen doing what they do best. The MTN Speed cans flows well over the Östergötland commuter model in three quite different styles.


To express themselves artistically in public spaces and at the same time not asking for permission, many consider to be the most important aspect of graffiti. If graffiti is not illegal, then it is no longer graffiti. Therefore it is no wonder that the role of graffiti as exhibition art is debated.

Some argue that bringing in graffiti to the galleries encourages criminal activity, while others argue that the graffiti loses its rebellious value when it lands on a canvas. Que started painting in the early 90s and with his crew WUFC, painted thousands of walls and trains worldwide. In 2002 he had an idea, he wanted to create graffiti related art in its rawest form. During eight missions he packed, apart from spray cans and nozzles, canvases and taped them up on seven different trains and a subway station. Some of the works have previously been shown in the book Writers United (2005) and now continues the journey at HL Gallery in Stockholm, Sweden.

Opening on Friday, October 2 at 18.00-21:00. The exhibition runs until 26th October 2015
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