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Swedish graffiti crew.

The Classic “Hardcore” Design Is Back

On the occasion of Montana Colors’ 25th anniversary, the classic hardcore design is once again in circulation, in the colors Electric Blue, Light Yellow, White, Black, Silver and Bright Red.

In order to present this novelty, on the one hand we have the Barcelona writer Iber showing off his magnificent and timeless style —  wearing a sweatshirt with the same design — in a video with the nostalgic touch of vintage aesthetics. On the other hand and, reinforcing the endearing nature that this release has for us, we have compiled some important moments in the history of contemporary graffiti where you can see the fundamental role that Hardcore has played over the years.


In this eighteenth episode of the RUNNERS series we follow graffiti writer Que around in Stockholm and Paris. In 2002 Que ( WUFC ) started making graffiti canvases in it’s rawest form. He wanted to keep the authenticity of the train pice, and came up with the original idea of putting a canvas on the train befor painting it, and when finished painting he kept the canvas. Between 2002 – 2019 Que has made more then 20 canvases.


RUNNERS As a graffiti train writer you are always happy if you don’t have to run away from your unfinished piece. If your able to catch your piece running the day after so you can get your traffic photos during rush hour you’re even more happy. Our video series called RUNNERS is focused on graffiti on trains and for each episode we will feature actions and traffic videos from a selected writer or team of writers.