Swedish photographer Magnus Karlsson


Documentation has always been an important part of the graffiti culture and during the last five years we have noticed a growing interest for not only documenting the works but also the atmosphere and surroundings. That’s why we decided to make a special category only for graffiti photography. Searching the web we stumbled upon Swedish photographer Magnus Karlsson so we asked him some questions and he also gave us a few flix from his portfolio.

Are you also a writer yourself or do you just follow the writers to document the missions?
I’m not a writer myself but if I was I still wouldn’t tell you… so who knows!? Haha.. I’m just documenting a subculture that I love.

Why did you chose to document graffiti and what do you think is the most interesting part about documenting train-writing? I’ve loved graffiti art since I was a small kid. It all started when I followed my cousin and his friend when the did a wall. After that we went home and watched the graffiti movie “10 Minutes” and I was hooked! Later on I was introduced to the train writing scene and at that time I was studying photography and I got the idea to combine my two interests. Documenting train writing will take you to places where you normally wouldn’t go. To crawl under freights, sneaking around between the commuters and just standing there alone in the dark. Despite risks it’s the best feeling in the world. Just magic! Then going out again with bad coffee from Pressbyrån after just a couple hours of sleep to catch the panels in traffic also has it charm.
Are you 100% focused on graffiti or do you work with all kinds of photography? I´m doing all kind of photography. It started with skateboard and other extreme sports and I always liked street culture, maybe thats why I got hooked in graffiti photography in the end. With three years of photostudies I´m interested in all kinds of photo but the last years graffiti has no doubt been the main focus.
What camera do you use and why did you chose that one? Most of the time I´ve used a Canon 5D MarkII/III because I could borrow that from my school and it´s a great camera especially for places with less light. But since I´ve finished school now I really need to get a new camera.

Want more: Magnusphoto.tumblr.comInstagram.com/mangan1

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