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Blaues Licht

Contextualizing this movie does not seem too easy – there is a thin line between providing information and spoilering. A full length feature film that plays with Graffiti stereotypes, urban interventions and metafiction. Expect to behold break and enter, while simultaneously breaking the fourth wall. German language, but with english subtitles. Must see!

Photography Is Talking – Mark Madness (Spanish Language)

Graffiti artist and photographer Mark Madness leads the “Blood And Madness” collective which documents the lives of metro writers in the city of Barcelona, ​​Spain. This work has led him to compile a great photographic work which is presenting in a book entitled Barcelona Showdown.

Kevin Schulzbus – 19 Burners

Fuelled by Currywurst and Kindl, Kevin Schulzbus steadily maneuvers through Berlin. The man behind most episodes of Was fährt (which roughly translates to “Runners”) presents a collection of his favorite recent burners running on variou lines.

For more, follow him on instagram.

#Inflvuencers 001: Selina Miles (Livestream recording)

Adjusting to current circumstances, Boris releases a new format on his Grifters channel – a series of interviews. Roughly one hour of conversation with Australian Photographer Selina Miles, ranging from making money over to mutual influences on free projects with artists such as Martha Cooper, Sofles, Sobekcis and Felipe Pantone.