Watch Team Destructo paint the Mexico City subway system. Read the artists political thoughts behind the word Resistencia.
Many times this word is a equal synonym of struggle, power, union, synergy, rebellion and a lot more. But it is not only about reading and interpreting the word, it is about living up to it in your daily life, even when we speak of something like love which is something that surrounds and affects us all. We resist to believe in it, and this is why every reason that might weaken us we  will take use of this to strengthen ourselves. The same resistance and faith. The capacity of believing in something and never letting it go, an ideal that never will die and that will be passed from generation to generation. Resistance is the fruit of the struggle that we one day will be able to sow. Resistance is in your own hands and it has a voice, a power, and it expands. Close your fist and put it up high and resist for your ideals!!! Never let the system finish what you love doing… RESIST!!
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