Podcast #009 – Samy Deluxe

For this Podcast they had an ample hour with the Hamburg rapper and graffiti writer Samy Deluxe. As some of you may know: Samy grew up in Hamburg, started his career from Eimsbüttel in the nineties and is part of the 13ERS Crew. In which he was certainly never the most active member, but sometimes painted more or less regularly and consistently. In addition, of course, Samy has strongly influenced the German hip hop movement and quite a few of us grew up with his music.

For us, this is not the only reason to ask a few questions and have this conversation. About graffiti as it grew into the German hip hop scene, panels and music videos with Razor, the posse track “We created a Monster” by WOW123 or wholecars with Atom.

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