Photography – Little Wing Lost


Where are you from and based at the moment?
I am from Birmingham in the UK. Which I consider to be the best city in the UK (obviously!) I travel around and its nice to go and see other areas but home is Birmingham and it would always be where my loyalties would be first.

How come you take pictures of graffiti writing, and how did you get in to that?
I have been photographing urban life, people and street photography for a long long time. I also like wander into places to see what is inside there. I guess I was urban exploring before it actually got a label but I am definitely not an urbex photographer. I have always loved art and with graffiti its the whole culture I love. There is an honesty about graffiti that you don’t get with any other art form I think. Its about writing your name, getting up and I admire the writers that do it, even if its just a tag. Plus the writers are good people. I like to watch someone start from an outline right through to a finished piece, its like watching something being born. There is also the side of it which is just downright naughty. Life is too short not to have some nautiness in it, graffiti is a perfect example of that.

Is it the photography or the graffiti you are passionate about?
Its the graffiti first, my city which is Birmingham in the UK and then the photography. Im lucky I have the opportunity to combine all three most of the time. We have great writers here in Birmingham, personally I think some of the best in the UK and I respect that they are still writing after so many years. Theres not many things in life that you can show true commitment too for a long period of time, but there are writers here who have.

Do you also write graffiti?
It’s impossible not to eventually want to write your own name if you spend as long watching and learning about graffiti and being around paint as much as I do. I might do the occasional tag haha! I had some lessons last year from a writer but Im rubbish at throws so I just do the odd tag. I would rather leave it to the people who can do it and respect what they do then do it myself. That said it’s addictive when you do start seeing your name up. Also visit the web-sites: Kelzo, Title and Little Wing Lost


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