Hello My Name Is: Skola [SFDS]


Name: Skola’s
Crew: Trouble in the Town (TT), SFDS
City / Country: Jundiaí / Brazil

When did you start writing? We started doing in graffiti 2009, but at first we did some pixação back in 2002 i think.

What’s graffiti for you? It’s our escape valve. For a moment we forget all the problems…. and we only paint.

Influences? Our influence are everything that we look/looked or lived in our life, our experiences…everything.

What keeps you still writing? The pleasure of seeing our name written on the walls.

How would you describe your style? Simple, direct. We love black/white or silver. Less is always more.

What do you do when you’re not painting? We like to draw, hang with our friends, family…

How would you describe the graffiti scene and the climate in your country/City? The word of graffiti is very unique in Brazil, it’s often seen as something cool, appreciable. Unlike other parts of the world. This may also happen in some underdeveloped countries. You can paint during the day, and maybe that’s the best thing to do. You often does something ugly, two colors, and people think it’s beautiful. There are many good writers here. Some writers that take risks and really love this transgressive and oppositional spirit. That is the essence of graffiti.

What first made you interested in graffiti and how did you end up on that track? When we were children, we always watched the graffiti and pixação on the walls and we enjoyed it. “Hey! We wanna do this too…” I don’t know why, theres no explanation…We knew that someday we would do this, it was a matter of time.

What do you look for when going out painting? Improve my techniques and style. We always want more challenges. We never forget that go painting can be fun too.

Is it important that people see your stuff and you get recognition? The recognition come along with time and a lot of study, we don’t have the hurry or the need. It is a constant learning.

What are the best and worst aspects of graffiti? The best is the places and people you know, some experiences on the street are uniques. And the worst are the cops… some sleepless nights lol You can be really screwed if someone caught you. Another bad thing is the haters, selfish people, ego… People who think they are better than others because they write on walls… You often have to know who is who and know where you stand, measure your words.

Who do you paint for? First for us, we like to see our paintings and be satisfied with it. If other people like it is consequence.

What writers have inspired you? Our writer friends…always inspire and inspired us and other old school writers, much respect for the pioneers!

What trends are you seeing now in the graffiti world? We think that the real graffiti don’t have trends, it’s the act of put your name up and not being arrested while doing that.

Future plans? To step up on the game, evolution is everything… And also painting in new places.

Instagram: @_skola

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