Hello My Name Is: Meme [CBS, FNF]


Name: Meme
Crew: CBS, Few&Far
City / Country: USA

When did you start writing:
I started tagging on stuff around the age of 16. Skateboarding was something I did more because of my surroundings. Due to the fact that I didn’t grow up in a city, I was pretty much sheltered from all graffiti. A five years later I laid eyes on a freight train and it blew my mind!! I’ve never wanted to stop tagging/painting again after that.

What’s is graffiti for you:
I just enjoy painting, alone or with friends! It’s my life.

Females are underrepresented in the graffiti culture, whats your opinion about that and do you think it will change in the future?
Well… It’s not like it used to be. Thankfully there’s been progression around the world in the women’s rights movement, not just in graffiti. It seems that there are more and more women stepping it up mural and graffiti wise. People aren’t going to be able to avoid the natural evolution of woman reaching full potential in a previously male dominated culture. I’m not sure what the future holds but I can say this… I’m happy to have connected with so many women and girls worldwide through skateboarding and graffiti!

Whats up with the freight scene in the US nowadays?
The kids nowadays aren’t getting put in their place enough!! They are just going over historic pieces not even knowing wtf they did wrong. Spots are getting harder to come by that are safe to paint. The kids aren’t putting in their own work to find and keep spots good, they blow them up like dumb asses. They typically fall off quickly though… At times painting freights for these kids seem “trendy and cool”. But these kids aren’t in the yard like me all winter long freezing their butts off, while my numbers keep building. I will be happy with my freight painting once I have more whole cars, and see my trains on almost every line in the US.

What keeps you still writing:
I’m basically addicted to this shit.

You are also the founder of Few&Far, can you tell us more about that?
Few&Far is a crew of roughly 20 women, mostly graffiti writers and artists, and we have a handful of skaters as well. I started F&F because I had a vision of females working together without all the competitiveness we are taught to have towards one another through society. I also knew so many talented women I figured why not bring people together, while having a blast doing it?! Over the years I’ve progressed into more activism and charity work in my life. Which reflects in murals and events with F&F. I’m very proud of the ladies in my crew. Each member is doing wonderful things in world!! I am forever grateful to everyone that supports us!! Thank you Spray Daily!

Instagram: @memersweets @fewandfarwomen
Website: Fewandfarwomen.com

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