Hello My Name Is: FuryOne [COM]


Name: FuryOne
Crew: It doesn’t matter what’s the name of your crew, cause my crew is “Crew ohne Mitglieder_COM” (engl.: Crew without members)
City/Country: Halle/Leipzig, Germany

When did you start writing: Since 2011 I spent a lot of time for doing graffiti. Many years before I enjoyed and loved this shit, but my influences were very limited and my motivation was small. I waste my time with “important things” of life and now I live.

What’s graffiti for you: Standard cap, Passion, Experience.

Influences: BEFORE: Halle/Saale, East Germany, Block 769/2, reunification 1989, Berlin, SHEK, skateboarding, Leipzig, Friends, HBS, IMR, ESFamily, PCrew, Overkill Magazine, YO MTV Raps LATER: Vienna, FRIENDS, Family, RosyOne, Travelling, Norez from Nowhere, People, Musa71, GhettoBlasters, Italian graff.

Quantity vs quality: Quality!…closely followed by Quantity.

What keeps you still writing: I still learning english.

Future plans: To leave Europe and to live with my man Norez and my son in brasilia on the beach…

My Question to you, Spray Daily: What is your motivation to do a graffiti page on Facebook?
Spray Daily: We have been publishing zines, books and DVDs for the last 20 years starting with black and white zines during the nineties. When more and more printed magazines went to the grave we decided to start a new serious online project and we decided to call it Spray Daily. The site is just the beginning, we are just about to release our first book but you can expect a lot of more from us in the future. Books, zines, videos and the number one source for graffiti online!

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