Hello My Name Is: Dekis [TWC]

Name: Dekis 
Crew: TWC
City/Country: Uppsala/SWEEDEN

When did you start writing: Early 90′s
What’s graffiti for you: It’s a huge and irreplaceable part of my life. family first, graffiti on a strong second place.
Influences: It seems to be an endless stream of talented and interesting writers. Nowadays inspiration is just a couple of mouseclicks away but still the old fashion way gives me the most, seeing pieces live,. along the lines, in the streets and in fames. I realy miss that part of graff, biking with friends, looking for new pieces and being amazed,. It gives another dimension to graffiti that internet can’t deliver.
Quantity vs quality: If u can combine  both it’s good,. For me quantity is out of reach, Having four kids makes the painting opportunities few so i’m sticking with quality, makes it feel more worth the while.
What keeps you still writing: I started when i was i little kid so I’ve never really  been without graffiti, never think i will either, it’s to much fun.
Future plans: Keep trying to do good pieces and try my best not to repeat myself to much.

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