Hello My Name Is: Bios


Name: Bios
Crew: Fat315, Street Magic, Top And Dope
City/Country: Odessa, Ukraine

When did you start writing: 2002, but active writing since 2005.

What’s graffiti for you:  It’s part of me.

Influences: Emotions, and emotions from traveling, meeting, love, music, friends, work etc.

Quantity vs quality: Quantity AND quality, why I should chose?

What keeps you still writing: I just could not stop, I could not imagine what I will do without graffiti.

Future plans: Travel, paint and grow up as much I could.

Instagram: @__bios
Tumblr: Streetmagiccrew.tumblr.com  Fat315.tumblr.com  Topndope.tumblr.com

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