Avido – Tunnel Vision

Milan has long been considered a graffiti capital of Europe. Since one can remember, the metro has been covered by the names of both foreigners and locals alike. One name that for years stood out above the rest was Avido. Though not a native Italian, he quickly managed to make the city his own, dominating the lines with his raw, confident style. His stronghold on the subway system was overwhelming, and barely a train passed by that didn’t feature his distinctive bold letters and signature characters. Despite the fact that he has since moved on from Milano and its metro system, and hasn’t been actively present on the lines for some years now, his relentlessness when it came to painting metro and his lasting influence over the local styles have forever preserved Avido’s place within Milan’s metro graffiti history.
The 64 full-color pages in this zine are a compilation of drawings, sketches and photographs that document Avido’s unique approach to graffiti and art in the city of Milan. Available here

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