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Fuzi, UVTPK in Australia

Melbourne based photographers Ryan Cookson and Michael Danischewski have teamed up to produce a new video portrait of Fuzi UV TPK.
Throughout the 1990’s, French artist FUZI grew up in the suburbs of Paris on a diet of graffiti and gang culture as part of the prolific crew UV TPK. In the mid 90’s, he pioneered a childlike yet brutal style of graffiti known as ‘Ignorant Style’. In the last few years, he has transitioned from graffiti to tattooing and developed an international following. With clients such as Os Gemeos, Diplo, Justice and Scarlett Johansson, he continues to travel around the globe, making his mark and exhibiting his work.
Documented on a recent trip to Australia, FUZI gives an insight into his current working practice and an uncompromising look at his time in France during the mid 90’s.

Fuzi – Tattooing in Stockholm August 1

STOCKHOLMNETIn the last few months, FUZI UVTPK has tattooed in Sydney, Barcelona, Amsterdam and London, and on August 1, he will tattoo in Stockholm! You can choose from one of Fuzi’s flash tattoos at the appointment, or you can request a custom design in advance. Fuzi’s flash tattoos and his custom designs are both unique pieces of art, and Fuzi will only tattoo each design one time. Flash tattoos are 300 EUR, and custom designs start at 350 EUR. In order to determine serious candidates, we require a 100 EUR deposit to be paid up front via Paypal to: ignorantpeople@hotmail.fr


FUZI UVTPK Flash Tattoo Session, Amsterdam


On Saturday, June 7, French artist FUZI UVTPK will tattoo at Oz in Amsterdam. FUZI is a veteran writer, who dominated the trains and subways of Paris for more than a decade, and developed a form of graffiti known as “Ignorant Style.” In 2005, he took his Ignorant Style-art to people’s skins, and has since developed an international following. In 2013 alone, he tattooed clients such as Os Gemeos, Diplo, Justice and Kavinsky at The Hole in New York, SA Studios in Los Angeles, Guerrero Gallery in San Francisco and AMPM in Taiwan, among others.

The event is open to the public, but appointments are required for tattoos. Please email contact@fuzi-uvtpk.com for one of the limited appointments.

RER C Book – Rap UV TPK interview

Lectrics.fr just published this video interview (including some nice footage of running panels) with RAP, UV-TPK about the release of his RER C book that traces back the writing activities of the RER C line in Paris from 1999 to 2001. A unique period for the parisian trainwriting when many crews relentlessly painted this line and when whole-cars and panels ran, reminding of the 80’s New-York graffiti golden age . An interview of an authentic Parisian subway and commuter lines activist that started his career in the early 90’s. Today, RAP provides us with a 300 page hefty tome that shows us unreleased pictures shot by the author himself.