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Getting Up | A 90s graffiti story from Milano to Barcelona

The Nike Air Max ’90 has an exciting and dense history, which has crossed styles and trends in recent years. From the link with the city to different street cultures.

To narrate these different souls of the brand and its connection with the ‘90s street art movement, Collater.al Studio and Loft Films created an editorial content, a Premium Documentary between Milan and Barcelona about two famous graffiti crews: Luca Barcellona and Maria Musa71 Cano.

Aches: The Trippiest Graffiti Ever

The Arnau Gallery project from Barcelona featured Aches within the lineup of artists scheduled for 2019, so during the summer the wall of the Arnau theater presented an intervention in which the personality of the Irish writer blends in with the characteristic forms of Musa’s graffiti. While once here, Aches also made a piece the cubicle of the Park of the Three Chimneys.  Two actions that were worth following up on in video format so that we could learn about the amazing technique of Aches. This document, filmed and edited by David B. Rock is also perfect to show the laborious technical work necessary in each of the creations of this great writer from Dublin.

Montana Colors X Art Basel Miami 2016

It’s that time of the year when one particular city becomes a gallery and its walls a white canvas. Art Basel Miami is an experience worth living at least once. However, after doing so it would be pretty hard to not go back every year. The center of action is indisputably the Wynwood area; an ex-ghetto that was gentrified and then taken over by real estate big wigs for the development of bohemian-style galleries, nice bars and restaurants. During the first week of December, this area turns into a Mecca for Graffiti and Street Artists who can “more or less” freely express themselves after having secured a spot. International artists coming from everywhere, local legends, and even new kids on the block get down and no matter how they do it, almost everybody finds a spot to paint… and after that, it’s party, party and party. This year we put the cherry on the cake with a pop up MTN Shop & Gallery right on 2nd Ave, the main street in Wynwood. We hosted a solo show by Okuda and offered a complete selection of our products during 14 exciting days. A big thanks goes out to our “Cata-fornian” team at the store, big ups to the family that represented: Asend, Eskae, Harry Bones, Hoacs, Musa, Sear, and Soten, and thanks to everyone for showing up and joining in such a great experience that’s resumed in this clip. Till next year, folks!

Merlot, Amuse126 & Yanoe – Roskilde Festival 2016

Roskilde Graffiti_Rfgraff_Copenhagen_Spraydaily_Denmark_23_Merlot

“Finally taking the chance to leave the country, together we took advice of some international friends and made our efforts to get to Denmark for this amazing opportunity. The Roskilde festival was where we had to be. With a ReadTheLabel team focus, Yanoe, Merlot, and myself packed up and took the flight. Knowing little as to what to fully expect, we were wowed with an awesome experience and welcomed with true hospitality. The freedom to create with all the Molotow product we could need, and the overwhelming collective of international artists amongst us, allowed for the perfect experience. Amazing talent, incredible people, great times were had rain or shine. An event truly second to none and an amazing opportunity for any artists in search for the ultimate graffiti spray cation.”