Montana Colors X Art Basel Miami 2016

It’s that time of the year when one particular city becomes a gallery and its walls a white canvas. Art Basel Miami is an experience worth living at least once. However, after doing so it would be pretty hard to not go back every year. The center of action is indisputably the Wynwood area; an ex-ghetto that was gentrified and then taken over by real estate big wigs for the development of bohemian-style galleries, nice bars and restaurants. During the first week of December, this area turns into a Mecca for Graffiti and Street Artists who can “more or less” freely express themselves after having secured a spot. International artists coming from everywhere, local legends, and even new kids on the block get down and no matter how they do it, almost everybody finds a spot to paint… and after that, it’s party, party and party. This year we put the cherry on the cake with a pop up MTN Shop & Gallery right on 2nd Ave, the main street in Wynwood. We hosted a solo show by Okuda and offered a complete selection of our products during 14 exciting days. A big thanks goes out to our “Cata-fornian” team at the store, big ups to the family that represented: Asend, Eskae, Harry Bones, Hoacs, Musa, Sear, and Soten, and thanks to everyone for showing up and joining in such a great experience that’s resumed in this clip. Till next year, folks!

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