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Podcast #004 – CMP One

For their fourth Podcast they spoke to good old CMP from Naestved (Denmark). The Danish graffiti artist is one of the first graffiti generation in Europe and has, among other things, been the editor of the first European graffiti magazine, Fantazie. CMP will be known to many from the nineties and 00s, or you could have heard it in season 02 of our documentary series “Rise Of Graffiti Writing – From New York To Europe”.

Together with Swet, CMP has networked relatively quickly in Europe and New York. The connection to Basel and Dare is probably known to some. CMP also has a long friendship with Loomit, which is also the first topic that we addressed in Podcast.

What shaped the Danish graffiti artist back in the eighties and nineties can now be found in his art: Romanticized New York subway scenarios, people with baseball caps and boomboxes at train stations. The artist CMP has long since arrived in a spacious studio, paints large-format murals, curates projects in his hometown and lives his past today like a dream, a fetish.

Denmark | 1984 – 1986 The Rise of Graffiti Writing (2) – From New York To Europe (5/6)

In 1984, inspired by the ‘Wild Style’ and Styles Wars’ films, artists like Bates, Sek, Rens, CMP and Swet got interested in graffiti in the Freez style. This generation of young street artists is still going strong creating new works to this day.

First issue of Underground Productions

Have you ever wondered how the first issue of Underground Productions looked like!? Well here it is, recorded by Betongliv.com!

The magazine was released in 1991 in Stockholm, Sweden and did exist until 2012! Times change, and with them the graffiti scene. It’s been 23 years since UP’s first issue hit the streets. When we started in the spring of 1992, shortly after the very first Swedish graffiti magazines Trains/Sniart and Kilroy, there was no internet nor hardly any books about graffiti. All information, images and interviews, were worth their weight in gold. Anyone who sat on contacts to writers in other cities and countries ruled. The graffiti magazines arose from an existing net work of photo traders that spread images and information in and outside of the scene. After only a few weeks after number 1 came out we received letters from readers in Australia. Interest was high for what happened in other places. In Sweden we sold graffiti magazines from all over the world and abroad people asked for Swedish magazines. Read the whole text about UP’s farewell here

Copenhagen Blackbooks – Book Release


‘Copenhagen Blackbooks’ is a unique compilation of 32 Danish writers’ blackbooks. All writers have contributed with tales and stories, giving the reader an unprecedented and truly rare insight into the secret pages of a vandal. Featuring Rens, Cave, Swet, CMP and many other classic danish writers. The book contains 280 pages and is written in english. It measures 220X285 mm and it is softcover bound. It is printed in a limited edition of 1000 copies. Published by Brask Publications. 

The release is on Thursday May 22 at Le Fix, Kronprinsensgade 9B, 1114 København, Denmark.