Podcast #004 – CMP One

For their fourth Podcast they spoke to good old CMP from Naestved (Denmark). The Danish graffiti artist is one of the first graffiti generation in Europe and has, among other things, been the editor of the first European graffiti magazine, Fantazie. CMP will be known to many from the nineties and 00s, or you could have heard it in season 02 of our documentary series “Rise Of Graffiti Writing – From New York To Europe”.

Together with Swet, CMP has networked relatively quickly in Europe and New York. The connection to Basel and Dare is probably known to some. CMP also has a long friendship with Loomit, which is also the first topic that we addressed in Podcast.

What shaped the Danish graffiti artist back in the eighties and nineties can now be found in his art: Romanticized New York subway scenarios, people with baseball caps and boomboxes at train stations. The artist CMP has long since arrived in a spacious studio, paints large-format murals, curates projects in his hometown and lives his past today like a dream, a fetish.

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