Sabio Discusses Graffiti, Pixação, and His New Exhibit

I’ve known Sabio (Supreme Articulation Bouncing In Orbit) for over a decade and didn’t even realize it until I met him in person as Sabio. Throughout the years, I’ve seen the Clark Kent-version of him at galleries, bars and and other art events since the early 2000s, but never had an inkling he was the city’s anonymous, billboard bomber. When he recently opened “Something the Sun Would Say,” a new solo show at Castor Gallery, Animal asked if we could do an interview. It was only when he walked into the space that it hit me. “You’re Sabio?” I rhetorically asked. I commended him on being able to keep the secret for so long. “It’s not like I was going to go up to you and be like, ‘I’m Sabio,’ ” he joked. Read the whole article here.

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