Podcast #023 – Slider (German)

For this podcast Ilovegraffiti met the graffiti writer Slider from the BANDITS Crew. In 1994 he founded the Interactive Crew, IAC for short. The surname BANDITS was added three years later, today a household name in the graffiti scene. Today Slider is freelance, lives from graffiti and his commissioned work. Within an ample hour we talk about Dresden’s old school hip hop magazine Boomy, its first sprayed pictures around 1994, a drastic experience in the nineties, its crew colleagues such as Wok, Andy K. or Caparaso, legal and illegal graffiti, its projects and Graffiti jams like the “Urban Syndromes” or “Back In The Dayz” and much more! An exciting and interesting conversation with a writer who has been living graffiti intensively for 26 years.

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