Trailer, Wolume 1 – A Vandals Way Of Life

It seems like its a lot of graffiti movies coming out pretty soon. Here’s another one called Wolume 1 – A Vandals Way Of Life! The trailer is released today October 21st to honor the memory of our close friend and WOL crew mate Fredrik also known as ‘Asoc’ that tragically passed away in an accident while painting a panel on the Stockholm subway the same date two years ago. The full movie will be released in the end of 2012.

PAK NUR: The Real Street Artist

Mr. Nur isn’t you’re conventional street artist. This middle-aged homeless Indonesian man continues to use his time, effort and skills to spread messages about corrupt politics and other social ills. This film finds Mr.Nur in South Jakarta painting alongside renowned graffiti writer BNE, who himself is dedicated to a cause – the BNE Water Project.