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We had a small chat with Oker, (GSD) that currently has a show at StolenSpace gallery in London.

After a short spell of living in New York and building relationships with the Kings of New York, he then returned to London bringing NYC’s bombing style with him, gaining the respect from artists such as Eine, Barry McGee, KR and Banksy to name a few…

In 2000 he was sentenced for graffiti and in 2013 again for 2 years for painting on trains. This lead him to rethink his practice, ‘Going Against The Grain’ shows not only OKER’s artistic development, but also a development in the way he thinks about his art and an important step in his artistic practice. He can now safely move forward without the worry of being arrested on his opening night. He served his time, and this inaugural solo show will show how far he has come.

What first made you interested in graffiti and how did you end up on that track?
I first discovered graffiti when i was 10, the guy that baby sitted for me was already well-established graffiti writer, that was around 1985, he showed me Subway Art and history. Then I started writing in 1988. During the years I’ve been influenced early by Robbo, FURY, London Giants, old London graffiti and Subway Art. And I’ve always kept that sort of 70 and 80 New York styles.

How did the sentence changed your life and perception within the graffiti scene?
The first time i was in prison it didn’t changed at all, I just saw it as occupational hazard. But as you getting older getting arrested for graffiti is harder, you can’t get back the time taken from your family. But it doesn’t stop me thinking of doing it.

How you came up with an idea of the exhibition in StolenSpace and what is your future plans?
Just through drawing and wanting to make things that are 3D and stood alone. I will continue to create art and draw graffiti and see where roller coaster takes me.

Photographs courtesy of StolenSpace Gallery

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