Nychos Street Anatomy at Fifty24SF Gallery


Two days ago it was the opening for Nychos solo show “Street Anatomy” at Fifty24SF Gallery. Connected to the show Nychos also made a number of big murals around San Francisco. Juxtapoz Magazine hooked up with the artist to ask him some questions. Read the full interview at Juxtapoz.

Why did you start making art?
I always wanted to be a comic artist or character designer because I like to laugh at myself when I draw. Art has to be funny but it also has to give something back to you. It always has to tell a story. The hard part is to find something you want to talk about with your art. For me it was always there, but for a long time I didn’t realize what it was.

So that’s where the anatomy comes in?
Yup! I grew up in the south of Austria and I needed to keep warm in the winter, so I killed a deer, cut it up and slept in its carcass. Ha! No, let’s be serious. I was always interested in how the body worked. I was so into skeletons–my dad and grandpa were both hunters, so looking at a deer skeleton was daily business. It was normal to me.


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