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Swedish graffiti crew.

Copenhagen Legal Walls #13


Here you have some legal walls photographed in Copenhagen, December 2013. If you want to be featured in our Instagram or Facebook feed, send us pictures to info@spraydaily.com

Ligisd – Interview


Do you remember the first time you painted a train?
– We had talked about painting the train for a while, I was probably 14. That was the final station Kungsängen we knew that those older had painted Backjumps on. They had about 15 minutes or so. And at that time we only had the wedish cans called Rost-Stop and Carlofon we could steal from petrol stations. I remember that time. It was exciting though but not of the best quality. Read the whole interview in Swedish over here: Grandsmack.se

The MTN Diaries 2 – Hardcore 2012 [Part 1]

Finally here! The MTN Diaries 2 – (PART 1). More and more graffiti movies are getting released on the web now days. In this part you can follow writers painting trains and bombing the streets in cities like Paris, Malmö and Amsterdam. Check it out now!!