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Interview – Skeme, The three yard king

Momentum Art Tech is proud to present the Three Yard King, Skeme TMT. We Catch up with Skeme while he’s in Chicago to paint a mural and watch him do his thing. He sits down with us to share some of his stories first hand. We’re happy to document them for everyone to enjoy. We hope you like this new video from the Momentum Art Team. Stay tuned for new videos coming out soon!

5 stories with Skeme


This piece with DAZE might be my favorite….to me this was one of the best mechanical styles I ever did…its rigid yet it has movement..i really liked this piece and felt our joints complimented each other at all times but this one had a nasty feel to it…the style in my piece, the letters and 3D became staples of future letter forms…you can still see the influence of this piece today. I wish me and DAZE had done a few more together, but we made good use of the time we spent together..ps : DAZE has a nice hand-style as well!
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