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Petro – Picture update

Petro PetroPetro has inspired me for many years! And fortunately i had the opportunity too meet him in the summer of 2012. When he was included in the group show Stendahl Syndrome that took place in Stockholm, Sweden. This show were including many great graffiti writers such as: Sabe, Egs, Nug, Reas & Kegr. For more pictures of Petro’s work visit his tumblr

Hey You! – A Solo Show By Petro

1 HeyYou_FanzinePetro shows his stuff at the B&B Gallery in Sheffield through out the month! He is a really big inspiration to SprayDaily, we have been watching him for years. They will also sell a 48 paged fanzine in A5 landscape format for 10 EUR That is signed and numbered by the artist. Its printed in limited edition of 150 copies with a hand-pulled screen printed cover. They also sell a Screen printed poster for 75 EUR in the format of SRA2, looks really dope!