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Hello My Name Is: Skil


Name: Skil
Crew: TD (Top Doggs)
City/Country: Stockholm/Sweden

When did you start writing: In the middle/end of the 80’s
Whats graffiti for you: Letters and good friends!
Influences: Classic graffiti and new fresh ideas.
Quantity vs quality: If you can combine both its good but for me nowadays I’ll try to do quality pieces when I paint because I don’t paint that much.
What keeps you still writing: It is still a lot of fun doing it and it’s a part of my soul thats never going to change.
Future plans: Family first and paint when I have spare-time.

Instagram: skil_td

Skil, TD – Interview


Your style has evolved over the years. You are one of those who are at the forefront and takes Graffiti on, a trendsetter. Do you feel pressure or expectation from others?
Thanks for the kind words but it’s probably others that are more prominent than I am at the present. I like to develop my style and not stagnate and do very low repetitions. I probably feel no pressure from others to have to prove something but I have enough pressure on myself not to be sufficiently creative. Nowadays I’m just trying to paint (if I have time) when I have the energy and desire to not have to like it to feel boring. For more of the interview (in Swedish) and pictures visit graffitisavedmylife.se

Blått Stål (Blue Steel) – A book about the old blue Stockholm commuter

Blatt Stal poster_LOWRES Blue Steel is a unique chronological story about the graffiti culture around the Stockholm commuter. For three decades graffiti writers have been painting thees steel monsters and now they are gone for ever. It is the most comprehensive historical documents ever dealt with the subject. A hundred graffiti artists, drivers, cleaners and security guards are heard together to give an overall picture of this still controversial phenomenon.

The writers that will be featured in the book are: Dano, Slisk, Erse, Star, Fher, Aman, Skil, Nug, Slice, Kaos, Sear & Dne. Also watch the trailer about the book here and the facebook event you got here

Blatt Stal Preview-2Blatt Stal Preview-3Blatt Stal Preview-4Blatt Stal Preview-1