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Denmark | 1984 – 1986 The Rise of Graffiti Writing (2) – From New York To Europe (5/6)

In 1984, inspired by the ‘Wild Style’ and Styles Wars’ films, artists like Bates, Sek, Rens, CMP and Swet got interested in graffiti in the Freez style. This generation of young street artists is still going strong creating new works to this day.

Wednesday Walls – 001


This is our new photo series called Wednesday Walls! We will post a pile of walls every wednesday sent in by our contributors world wide.
Contribute to the next wednesday walls post by sending a email to: Info@spraydaily.com

Contributors: @Poligrafitus @Dasco1 @21230Malmo @Freemodestyle @dantheredtagman @Schew_of_efc @Superdupersofly