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Where Is Art? (Freedom Tunnel, Chris Pape Documentary)

Chris Pape takes us on a stroll into the infamous Freedom Tunnel in New York. The documentary from 2013 illustrates a time long gone, while Pape walks along the tracks, sharing some background stories of his prime time. Rather recently Vice interviewed him about an upcoming book project called “The Freedom Tunnel”.

OUT NOW! Incognito Magazine #21

Finally the 21th issue of Incognito Magazine is out, check out the video and get the magazine over here: www.spraydaily.com/shop 

Back with yet another bag filled with eye candy! This time with an extended edition of 16 extra pages to make room for all the great flicks we have received. Else than extra sized categories of bombing, walls and trains from all over the globe we go travelling all across Europe to give you some great unreleased stuff from Easer, Spair, Screw, Spacer and Odio.