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Copenhagen Blackbooks – Book Release


‘Copenhagen Blackbooks’ is a unique compilation of 32 Danish writers’ blackbooks. All writers have contributed with tales and stories, giving the reader an unprecedented and truly rare insight into the secret pages of a vandal. Featuring Rens, Cave, Swet, CMP and many other classic danish writers. The book contains 280 pages and is written in english. It measures 220X285 mm and it is softcover bound. It is printed in a limited edition of 1000 copies. Published by Brask Publications. 

The release is on Thursday May 22 at Le Fix, Kronprinsensgade 9B, 1114 København, Denmark.

Rens TAV solo show at Le-Fix Gallery, Copenhagen


Last Friday Le-Fix Gallery in Copenhagen opened their solo show with Rens TAV. Rens TAV is a true old school legend of graffiti and everybody who used to read graffiti magazines during the nineties knows his simple but clean style. This is his first solo show ever. Photos by Jens-Peter Brask.