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REIS Crew X MTN Mega Colors

The Portuguese REIS Crew are far from beginners when it comes to the art of painting trains. Working side by side with great teamwork is their speciality and if we on top of that put some MTN Mega Colors in their hands they convert into something quite hard to detain. It has never seemed as easy to make a whole car of three wagons with characters in full color. André Bernardiño and Midnight Madness Crew tells us more about the achievement in this awesome video which fills us with the true atmosphere and action that continues until the sun comes up.

Runis, REIS X MTN Speed

If a city’s graff scene is a bit reserved, it’s not to say that there aren’t any brilliant writers there. This is the case in the city of Porto, and Runis is our example. After having been made a member of REIS, the most respected crew dedicated to trains in Portugal, this young writer has put the second largest Portuguese city on the map thanks to a flurry of activity and an effective and entertaining style. Runis himself wanted to share some of his action with us via a video.

Reis – “The life of an artist”

Few writers have had the pleasure of living in the “analog” graffiti time when everything was magical and had many things to discover, Reis is one of them!

Always constant and active adapting to new generations with old or new writers, fast trains or wall pieces, silver or color, wild style or whole cars on subways, travel… Reis is an example of a complete writer.