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Saeio – New book out soon!

Support Saeio’s great new book project, it’s an archive with photos from 5 years of painting in the streets of Paris, France!

Support this great project here: fr.ulule.com/saeio-livre

Since its emergence in the late 60’s on the East Coast of the United States to become a global movement today, graffiti has seen several generations succeed one another and form fairly clear boundaries. However, a number of actors have always been interested in testing the limits to individually or collectively, giving this form of painting the weight of an already rich culture, crossing paths and singular stories.
In this story of the Parisian crew PAL, which Saeio, stood out in recent years by their high productivity in the street and originality of their paintings. Beyond the work of the Central remaining letter, their favorite themes are not necessarily novel in the history of graffiti, which, like the sample inseparable from the history of hip-hop, is marked by borrowing to other visual fields as diverse as painting on canvas, science fiction or comics, among others. PAL, however, these themes refreshed by dialing modes and plastic treatments renewed and more spontaneous. Their rather new approach has helped to place them on the front of the international scene. If a common identity emerges from this group, their research is directed in different directions and seem mostly united by a spirit of adventure.